FCR Music Presents: Women & The Creative Industry


FCR Music Presents: Women & The Creative Industry’, is a collaboration with independent film maker, Emile Scott Burgoyne.

We sat down with 8 artists to discuss the position of women in the creative industries.

Art is an expression and a conversation, and collaboration is sometimes key to creation, particularly in the world of jazz and production where language and technique can define ones sound and set one apart from the rest. But with women making up less than 5% of music industry producers and figures not proving better in the world of film, it is questionable as to how we move forwards with an issue so prevalent in the creative industries. In 2018, Rachel Morrison was the first woman in history to be nominated for Best Cinematographer category at the Oscars. 8 artists sat in front of the camera of Freya Roy and Emile Scott Burgoyne, to discuss this position of women in the creative industries. ‘FCR Music Presents: Women & the Creative Industry’ demonstrates the importance of why both men and women must unite in forces to destroy the hidden barriers faced by women artists.

With special thanks to:

Marie Dahlstrom
Scott Quinn
Cecilia Knapp
Jazmin Morris
Dom Howard
Issie Barratt
Troy Miller

A film by Freya Roy & Emile Scott Burgoyne
Music by Freya Roy